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Edemondo G. Bertolucci 氏から届いた4月18日に行われた、アメリカンオープン・キューバ戦の報告です。ここでは、原文のまま 紹介します、訳文及び写真は "JetRider" 誌73号に掲載しています。

Edemondo G. Bertolucci

The first U.I.M. event, titled as the American Open championship, was staged in Santiago de Cuba on April the 16th .

Forty pro class pilots coming from 9 distinguishing countries, competed in the three classes allowed,the 785cc, 1200cc and free style.

The south American pilots representing countries such as Mexico, Domenican Republic, Venezuela and Cuba put up a fight to challenge the leadership of the American Open championship against European riders coming from Spain, Italy, French, Germany and Middle East, United Arab Emirates.

The attraction of the racing week in Cuba was also given by a mixture produced by the exotic location, wonderful weather condition, palm trees on sandy beaches,and by thirty thousands USD jack pot, produced by S.P.E.S. and considered by the pro class pilots as a worthwhile reward to go for gold.

The pole position determined the starting grid of the grand prix and Pinto Miguel of Venezuela won the 785cc, while team mate Aguilar Orlando won the 1200cc.

On Sunday afternoon about 200 thousands locals gathered together to stand by along the 2800 metres circuit, to watch and support the performance of their hero the Cuban rider, Pedro Montes.

The second edition of the grand prix "La Isla Grande" took place in perfect weather and sea condition and the 785cc heat was dominated by Team Venezuela, who placed three riders on the podium.

Gold medal to Jusus Veroes, silver to Miguel Pinto, bronze to Perez Wilhem, while the Cuban rider,Pedro Montes, took fourth place.

Disappointed, instead, the performance of European team with French specialist Didier Navarro retired after 1 lap, and with former European champion, Diego Bertoli of Italy, ranked 10th, due to power engine failure.

In the 1200cc class, the Spanish David Selles, current world champion, took the leadership since the beginning of the race and won easily in front of Orlando Aguilar, Venezuela, while the Italian Fausto dal Lago took third place. The German Daniel Wagner and Sail Bin Futais of United Arab Emirate were not able to start the race due to engine problems.

Finally it was time for free stylers to entertain the crowd with their acrobatic performance.

The top U.I.M. pro class riders took part in the free style competition in a perfect fare play atmosphere.

The German Marco Scheel won the American Open title without any difficulties and got rid of Federico Bufacchi and Sergio Marocolini both of Italy, who took second and third position.

However, don't think you miss out all the action if you did not make it to Cuba, because a world-wide tv coverage has been produced and features of the event will be shown all over the world.

Also a major report, classification and an exciting set of pictures of the race, are available on internet at the address www.aquabike.net.

On the 16th of May the aquabike tour will be travelling over to Malaga, Spain, south of Europe, to stage the first round of the U.I.M. pro class European Open championship, where 60 pilots coming from 15 countries are expected to take part in the competition.

Would be any Japanese riders thrilled enough to take part in such exciting event.

I hope so and for any further information, email me at Spes at classpro@tin.it or check our web site, I will be glad to help you with updated and latest news.

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