Personal Water Craft Report

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[8.23.1998] Otsu (JETSKI PLAZA HIPOINT) in Lake Biwa

It was fine after a long time well on last Sunday. Many members gathered in the small beach like this. About 30 people participated this time.

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STX Does it sink suddenly? As for the opening check, not to neglect it!

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[jet]5 [jet]7

When there is much number, preparation for the meal is difficult, too.

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[jet]37 [jet]42

X2 Run still.



[jet]44 [jet]47

The sea Buddhist priest appearance!


[jet]49 [jet]50

[jet]52 [jet]64


Well, withdrawal.

[jet]67 [jet]68

The damage of the hull is conspicuous recently. As for the embarkation in the rocky place, coming alongside, carefully!

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