Personal Water Craft Report

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[8.15-16.1998] Imazu in Lake Biwa

Imazu beach which it came to for the first time. Camping was done this time on the beach. A beach isn't put easily.But, it is the best place.

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Lunch is finished, and preparation for the midnight snack has already been begun.


It takes a rest quietly today because it was defeated by a battle with the wave.

(What is the bandage of the jaw?)

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Why is this stillness though it is mid August?

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Today's menu. Noon is still a barbecue.

Nights are ayu, sanma, lobster and curry without harm.


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Who am I?


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First of all, it had a firework, too.

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Recently, it likes wind. Today, because it is vacant, it is on it all the time.

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Even if it does again, barbecue!

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What will JET, WAKE, WIND do next time? Fly or dive?.

We wait for everyone's participation and an opinion.