Personal Water Craft Report

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[7.12.1998] Oumi Hachiman in Lake Biwa

This time, Oumihachiman after a heavy rain. Wind is strong, and a wave is a violent storm, too. It was a day when only Windsurfer was conspicuous in the coastal waters though 100 and more JETs gathered in the beach and it was very full.

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Show fight in the barbecue today from JET.

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But, it is rare here that a wave becomes rough like this.

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A beach has already been full car condition though it arrived this time and in the morning at 8:30. It is more difficult from now. Nothing is in this equipment. It is about 2 minutes by car to the rest room. Shopping is about 15 minutes by car to the supermarket of about JR Azuchi station. But, this is probably The first or second prize by the number of JET in Lake Biwa.