Personal Water Craft Report

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[7.5.1998] Otsu HIPOINT in Lake Biwa

After this week comes, heat lasts, and it seems that the rainy season was over soon. At long last, JET season arrival!

HIPOINT has frequent waves, and single is difficult. But, the slalom which a permanent buoy is used for is big popularity with the single, runabout. Touring with seeing a pleasure boat to pass through the neighborhood, Michigan and Bianca is quite a thing, too. A place is about five minutes by car from JR west Otsu station. It is just on the north side of the hotel Koyo and Lake Biwa motorboat race. Though it goes into the beach, 1000 yen per person necessity.

[jet]2 [jet]3

[jet]4 [jet]5

Recent JET has the power, and the most suitable for pulling WAKEBOARD.

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[jet]14 [jet]15

The person who still sleeps even if it is full of energy sleeps first.

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All the members were busy, and it couldn't gather with the recent weather's being unseasonable. But, go into the season at long last. Let's show fight, and let's go.