Personal Water Craft Report

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[6.21.1998] Oumi Hachiman in Lake Biwa

This time, this year comes, and it is first Oumi Hachiman. Last week, because of the rain, cancellation. So, the inside of the rain was enforced this time. But, it was much rainier all day long.

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Though it is such weather, this is full of JETs as before. But, why are there many X-2s and 55?

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STX, today, engine bad condition.


Prevent rain with the temporary tent.

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Barbecue was done somehow with the disposition. Drink all the liquor with sifting it. But, it was really cold.

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She is the first participation today. This homepage was seen, and it came. WAKEBOARD is very good.

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A returning way was a heavy rain, too.