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[5.31.1998] Izumisano marble beach in OSAKA

It is fine today unlike last week. It came to Izumisano by Team KOUROEN and the Team SURF & SNOW combination. Today, it participated in the MJC slalom king that Yamaha Corp. sponsored.

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The gravel of marble is spread on marble beach.

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As for to be an other side seeming, RINKUU town. That side is skygate bridge.

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An other side is Kansai international airport far.

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Well, entry of the race is completion.


Show fight in the practice.

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The top of the skiing class is Jiro of SURF & SNOW.

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Members watch a race.

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I am waiting for the turn of run-about class.


Well, start. It runs through the slalom course twice, and measuring competes in the best time.

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A race ended safely, and skiing class were 1 , 2 , the 3rd prize, the sport class the 2nd prize, run-about class the 2nd prize as for the result.

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Use Tajiri fishing port marina this time. It is 3000 yen (about $22) per a ship with lift, washing in water,shower fee.

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With returning Hanshin expressway bay shore line.

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