Personal Water Craft Report

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[5.24.1998] Otsu HIPOINT in Lake Biwa

It came to the usual place "HIPOINT" today through the inside which rain and wind blew through. As for the person who did sport, the expectation that it was scarce was disappointed by this bad weather. This is the place where there are many people who like JET. Fishing was done, and JET just before sinking was helped, and dinner was done, and there were various things today, too.

Today, the jet of the participation


[jet]15 [jet]17

[jet]22 [jet]42

After this, a beach was filled with the car.

[jet]19 [jet]53

It has gone for fishing. There is no game today.


Spend time in dinner while rain is strong.

[jet]24 [jet]32


JET of standing is unfavorable by the rain, the wind and this wave.

[jet]26 [jet]29

[jet]28 [jet]18

[jet]36 [jet]37

It is not a drowned body. It is Mr.OOHANA.

[jet]38 [jet]41

[jet]40 [jet]44

The buoy attacks it too much. A body is painful.


Runabout is good in such a day to attack a buoy.

[jet]47 [jet]49

Rain stops, a little, breath.

[jet]45 [jet]52

[jet]54 [jet]55

Well, cleanup. Let's meet next time with Marble beach

[jet]57 [jet]58