Personal Water Craft Report

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[5.3-4.1998] Makino Kaizu in Lake Biwa

It is long-awaited MAKINO this time. Most seems to be bus fishing though at least 20 cars go into the beach. A lake shore did fishing even except for the beach in everywhere, and a shoulder body became small with JET. It began with Wakeboad today and first during the light rain.

[jet]1 [jet]2

[jet]3 [jet]4

The barbecue of the lunch is still indispensable. A shudder makes noise with drinking chilled beer, too.

[jet]5 [jet]6

Staying is cottage of hotel NORTH LAKE of the lake shore. In four capacity, nine people staying?

Equipment is good. A pool can be used for summer, too. It got tired completely at night, and it slept soon.

[jet]10 [jet]11

[jet]12 [jet]14

In the morning, secure a slope at 4 o'clock (at this moment, full condition) set about it after all, 9 o'clock.

It changes from yesterday today and suddenly, and it is perfectly fine.

[jet]15 [jet]16

[jet]17 [jet]18

[jet]19 [jet]20

[jet]21 [jet]23


[jet]25 [jet]26

It was perfectly put in the lake, and the whole body was wet.


--- SURF & SNOW IV ---- SURF & SNOW V ----

[jet]28 [jet]31

This is the beach of the stone uncommonly in Lake Biwa. Alongside as for coming, carefully. Let's handle an anchor as much as possible.

[jet] [jet]

[jet] [jet] [jet]

They were 1200GP, today's top speed 102km.

[jet]39 [jet]41

Today's lunch is big pile YAKISOBA. To finish doing cooking, Mr. Kitamura.

[jet]37 [jet]38

[jet]40 [jet]42

[jet]43 [jet]44

Land to IMAZU of about 5 km point.

[jet]45 [jet]46

This shot was a little difficult.


OHSAKI who saw it from the coastal waters. The back of the left, Hotel NORTH LAKE.

[jet]49 [jet]50

A returning expressway is a big traffic jam as the expectation.

[jet]51 [jet]52

[jet]53 [jet]54

It became a thing after 6-7 hours that a return reached.